My lavender owl…

I don’t have a Mac. My phone has T9. I use ‘paint’ program to edit pictures and pencil crayons to highlight my notes from school.

If any of this sounds charming to you then you’ve come to the right place!

For New Years 2015, my beautiful sister hand-made me an organic cotton ‘owl’ filled with rice and lavender essential oil. It is supposed to be used as one of those ‘Magic Bags’ you heat up and put on sore muscles, but so far all it has done is snuggle with me when I sleep. I have an obsession with lavender and use it for everything (stay tuned for a lavender use blog post!). It’s also a reminder of fond memories playing outside my grandma’s house where it was planted all over her garden. This owl started the idea to share my knowledge and learning-experiences with you guys.

I have a passion for holistic nutrition (with a background degree in Applied Human Nutrition), and have slowly been adopting a more holistic lifestyle as well since continuing my studies in Toronto. I’ve always done things very simply and slowly…..perhaps due to my easy-going nature, or perhaps my simple brain. Either way it’s a work in progress, and I want to share with everyone how easy and fun it can be starting on a journey to nourish your body and mind! Just takes some simple ingredients like curiosity, playfulness, and self-appreciation….. 🙂

Hope you enjoy your time here! Next up: easy delicious recipes to nourish your body, home-made aromatherapy, how to do yoga in your living room, natural body-care ideas, cleaning tips, and more!

-Emily 🙂


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