dry skin alert…

Is anyone else’s skin feeling crazy dry this winter season? Mine is! Usually my skin is very strong, but in the winter I have to check my face daily to make sure it hasn’t flaked away. I used to put moisturizer on it but ever since embarking on my holistic health journey I’ve been doing something different….

I now put OIL on my skin! Sounds crazy and I was hesitant at first to put oil on my face, but then I learned about skin. Did you know your skin is naturally waterproof? It gets hydrated from the inside through the food and water you drink, and gets nourished on the outside with oils! Skin naturally has a surface layer of oil, and is a little bit acidic. The more we put soap or conventional “moisturizers” on our face, the more this protective layer of oil and acid gets washed away, leaving our skin dry and prone to breakouts 😦

What to do?

1. Hydrate! drink tons of water. I’m not the best at remembering to do this but I try and have a jar of water always on my counter or with me at work/school so I have no choice but to drink it!

2. Try oil! Go with a good quality one-ingredient oil that you can pronounce. I tried coconut oil at first and it worked great! I found a brand Naked Coconuts which is organic, non-GMO cold pressed coconut oil. I put this on my face and hands any time I feel dry.

3. Other recommendations:
– raw/unpasteurized honey! Full of minerals & enzymes to nourish your skin.
– natural essential fatty acids from food….mash up an avocado! yum
– most cold-pressed organic oils will work great (ex. rosehip oil, seabuckthorn oil, olive oil). Here is a brand that I LOVE….Skin Essence – made in Canada, organic, and oh-so-simple ingredients (like jojoba and evening primrose)! Plus the guy who created this line used to be a male model so that really helps 🙂

simply nourishing!
simply nourishing!

Hope you enjoy the tips 🙂 I’m going to try making my first ever avocado-honey hair mask tomorrow! My scalp is very dry this season…just hope I don’t eat my hair mask before it gets used.

Stay tuned for how this works out…..




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