raw cookie dough

Hi guys!

I felt like eating cookie dough for breakfast this morning….who doesn’t. So I remembered an awesome recipe from where I used to work and tried to re-create it with my ingredients on hand. Here is the original inspiration: Power Cookie Dough from Genuine Health.


My version has coconut shreds and almond milk added for smoother spoon-able consistency. I love my blender but it’s not one of the ‘fancy’ ones, so often I have to add extra liquids to make things blend. But who cares!


Turned out REALLY well! Super delicious and can easily be made dairy-free (I’m still working through my whey protein powder but any vanilla protein powder will do) and sugar-free (I added a few Enjoy Life chocolate chips this time which do have evaporated cane juice in them). USUALLY I opt out the chocolate chips for delicious cocoa nibs, but I’m all out and I needed chocolate today. I’ll continue on my near-perfect refined-sugar-free lifestyle tomorrow, haha 🙂 Hemp seeds get added as well for more protein, fibre and essential fatty acids.

the finished product!
the finished product!

Try it out 🙂


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