Jan 12th, 2015 – mascara


This tends to be the only makeup I wear on a daily basis, so when I choose it I choose it well! My favourite go-to was always Cover Girl Waterproof mascara, but then I got into all sorts of natural mascaras and tried those instead. For the record, I haven’t found one yet that’s as “strong” pigmented as the conventional Cover Girl, but that’s ok! A few extra natural mascara layers never hurt anyone.

my collection so far
my collection so far

What to look for: paraben-free (parabens are chemical preservatives that take 6000 years to break down, therefore it is  my favourite product to put near my eyes…..*heavy sarcasm*), not tested on animals (why would animals want to wear mascara?), no artificial fragrances or colours. Check out this list by the great David Suzuki for tips on things to avoid.

BEST OVERALL = Zuzu. Nice and dark and only needs 1-2 coats. Stays on all day and makes your eyelashes feel nice and soft. No flaking. *Technically the same ingredients as Gabriel mascara yet the Gabriel one needed lots more applications to achieve same effect*

my eye with zuzu
my eye with zuzu

WORST OVERALL = Mineral Fusion. Clumpy and yet too liquidy at the same time….? It also makes my eyelashes feel dry and rigid and I fear they will snap in two if I touch them 😦  Not great coverage. For the record Mineral Fusion makes other GREAT makeup products like nailpolish, eyeshadow, blush etc. so I still like them!

my eye with mineral fusion. You cant tell but i cropped out the flaky bits
my eye with mineral fusion. You cant tell but i cropped out the flaky bits

Honourable mention = EarthLab raw mascara (vegan, no parabens, made in BC!). My bff loves this one the best! ❤


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