Jan 19 2015 – deoderant

Today’s product comparison will be natural deoderant.

“But Emily, I already use regular deodorant and smell great. Why should I change?.”
“I want to keep you smelling great AND teach you how to treat your skin well at the same time!”
“Oh, ok!”


Deodorant vs. Antiperspirant
Deodorant is supposed to de-odorize you, aka get rid of odors that you have. Our skin naturally produces sweat all the time to eliminate toxins and regulate temperature. The only 2 areas that produce *smelly* sweat are the armpits and groin. Because people enjoy having friends, deodorants were invented. You can use deodorants on any part of your body that stinks.

Antiperspirant is “anti” = against, and “perspire” = sweat. They are designed to block your sweat glands from producing sweat. What you need to know is that as I mentioned before, your skin produces sweat all the time to help eliminate toxins and regulate temperature. Sweat is important! Regular sweat consists of water, electrolytes, salt, and is not smelly. The breakdown of bacteria is what causes sweat to take on an unpleasant odor. So technically if you think about it, do you want your sweat glands to stop producing sweat (aka. anti-perspire)? Or do you want them to keep producing sweat, but not to stink (aka. deodorize)?

Ingredients to Know
Before switching to natural deodorants, I encourage you to check out the ingredients of your current or favourite deodorant on this website: Environmental Working Group – Skin Deep. This is a great non-profit site that exists purely in the interest of empowering people about health. It has objective scientific research about each ingredient and will list them for you so you can make an informed choice.

Some of the common ones to watch out for are: aluminum (commonly in anti-perspirants, linked to Alzheimer’s Disease), parabens, and phthalates (both hormone disruptors)


Popular Natural Brands
dr. mistDr. Mist – just uses water and minerals from the Dead Sea. Works well.
crystalNaturally Fresh deodorant crystal – uses alum salts, not aluminum in metal form. Does not clog pores. Really easy to use – just wet the crystal and rub under your arms. You will smell like nothing all day. Works well.
kynkKynkPit Stop deodorant powder – my current favourite! Only ingredients: baking soda, peppermint essential oil, arrowroot powder and cocoa butter. Comes in powder form so you have to dab it on yourself. Powder is white but disappears, so give your armpits a minute of alone time before putting on a black shirt! Works really well with only 1 application/day.
weledaWeleda spray deodorants – use fragrances from essential oils. Not my favourite, used them a few times with mixed results. Fragrance doesn’t last that long and I didn’t find it practical to put on liquid deodorant. 7/10.
lavilinLavilin deodorant cream – my mom uses this and it is supposed to last for 7 days, but I checked the ingredients and they include some preservatives and talc, a cautionary ingredient because of easy contamination with asbestos. Sorry mom 😦
toms of maineTom’s of Maine – mehuses propylene glycol in their ingredients –  ew! Can irritate skin and has many industrial uses in paint and anti-freeze (just not in same levels as skin-care products). Some of their toothpastes use sodium lauryl sulphate too which is a detergent. Not my fav.
greatPurely Great – more like Purely Super Great! Tiny Toronto company using only 3 ingredients (baking soda, corn starch and vegetable glycerin) plus essential oils. It comes as a paste so again, use it on your underarms then wait a minute for it to dry before putting on clothes. Works well but melts in the summertime.

Make Your Own!
Want a really cheap and easy deodorant that you know is safe? Use this simple recipe:
1. a deodorizer – usually baking soda will do the trick! 1tsp.
2. a base – something to help apply the baking soda to your armpits – i.e. coconut oil (naturally antibacterial!). Add enough to cover the baking soda.
3. something to make it smell nice – add 3-4 drops of an essential oil you think is nice! Lavender, sweet orange, lemon or peppermint would be awesome. Essential oils are all naturally anti-microbial as well.
Mix ingredients together then store in a glass container. Dab on daily. OR put mixture in the fridge (coconut oil will solidify) for a more solid version.

smell ya later….


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