my adventure with healing crystals…

I’m the first to acknowledge that when it comes to the healing crystals of the earth, I have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about. I just think they are beautiful to look at and fascinating to learn about. But I know some people out there who swear by this stuff (crystals, copper for arthritis, amber jewellery for teething babies, Q-bracelets and all of that), so I decided to look into it….

a gift from a friend!
a gift from a friend!

Two things drew me to checking out crystals. First, I was given a beautiful stone bracelet by a friend. Second, I was learning about energy in a book called “The Alchemist’s Journey” that I had to read for school. The lady who wrote the book uses crystals for all sorts of things, and was explaining how she tends to her garden, which she has separated into colours for the different elements (earth, fire, water, air). In my imagination this looked really cool…..lots of red plants symbolizing fire, lots of icy blue crystals hanging from trees symbolizing connection to the air….so I went to see if Toronto had any crystal stores.


And it does! Lots, in fact. It’s kind of like going to the museum and seeing the gem collection. You don’t have to necessarily believe in gems or healing crystals to acknowledge how impressive and interesting they are. Checking out these beautiful earth rocks made me decide to take it one step further and tap into my hippy vibe. So I went to Gifts from the Earthbought the 2 pendants I felt most attracted to, then looked up their meanings when I got home.  I got one made of clear quartz (“magnifies energy and intentions”) and one made of citrine (“joy, happiness, sunny disposition, prosperity”) and added them to some necklaces. They were only 99 cents each so if nothing else, cheapest jewellery ever 🙂

crystals 2

and by golly they are lovely. As I said before, I have no idea if the properties of these tiny crystals are working, but I’m open to the idea that they could. And I think that’s a big part of it…..if you believe in something helping you, then it will likely help you, no matter what it is.

I was actually so happy with my pretty crystals that I went back a few weeks ago and got a rose quartz and copper ring, and a rose quartz rock (again, fairly cheap).

rose quartz

Rose quartz is meant to “open your heart to give and receive love”. Personally I just like the colour, but perhaps on some level weird things are happening to me, because lately when I am anticipating a day that may be stressful at work/home/etc., I feel drawn to go into my jewellery box and put on the ring and a necklace…..

So who knows….maybe they work, maybe they don’t, but in the end it never hurts to be open minded about new ‘weird’ stuff like this. You can get some nice cheap jewellery out of it, and perhaps be more pleasantly surprised than you thought 🙂


More resources for those who are now curious!
Crystal Well Being – info website
Planet Botanix – crystal store in Ottawa
House of Energy – super hippy crystal store in Kensington Market, Toronto.
White Flame Company – crystal store in Hamilton


One thought on “my adventure with healing crystals…

  1. Nice post! Reiki practitioners use cryatals in their healing processes I believe. I almost bought a $40 reiki “wand” simply for its beauty haha


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