Product comparison – lip balms

Today’s product comparison is lip balms….my favourite accessory!

lip balmslip balms
I love lip balms so much I usually have 3 or 4 in my life at all times. I have one at work, one in my purse, one in my bathroom and one on my bedside table. Everyone should use some sort of lip balm, especially in the winter when the delicate skin on our lips is thin and dehydrated from cold.

The best lip balms have minimal ingredients, but are incredibly moisturizing and healing. The golden rule: your lip balm should be edible. This isn’t just to enjoy the delicious flavours….I’m serious! Putting something on your lips inevitably means you will be ingesting it sooner or later. This goes for your skin care products too. Honey is a great one-ingredient winner to put on your lips, or if you’re feeling crafty try to make your own lip balm!

Here are my comparisons and recommendations for the lip balms I’ve tried (from best to worst):

lcLip Cake: hand-made by a cute little company in Burlington, ON – LifeEssence. Made with a base of cocoa butter, hemp oil, and essential oils. The first ingredient listed is “LOVE”… sweet is that?! Feels like I’m gliding a buttery cloud across my lips. My personal favourite – this one has purse status.

epEpic blend: so smooth and creamy on my lips, like my favourite silk blankie. Base of hemp seed oil, coconut oil and essential oils. Non-GMO, petroleum-free.

nsNova Scotia Fisherman: jojoba oil, shea butter, castor oil, and Nova Scotia sea kelp make the base for this one! Very smooth on my lips and tastes nice. Package is a bit weird though…you have to push the lip balm up from the bottom and more than once it has fallen out of the container onto the floor!

hHurraw: vegan, fair-trade, organic. Base of olive oil, cocoa butter and sweet almond oil. Very nice and nourishing and tasty flavours!

fFriggen Lip Balm: made locally in Uxbridge, ON with beeswax, aloe butter, and shea butter. Great ingredients….however, I don’t like it at all. All the great ingredients in the world don’t matter if it doesn’t glide on your lips normally! It is far more waxy than smooth, making it really difficult to apply.

gdGardener’s Dream: this line also makes hand creams for dry cracked hands. Pretty good formulation but too ‘herbal’ tasting/smelling for me (contains thyme, geranium, tea tree, myrrh…). Went on very nice and smooth though 🙂

 bbsBurt’s Bees: uh oh….lanolin, soybean and canola oil, oh my! Fellow holistic peeps out there, how are we feeling about Burts Bees being aquired by Clorox? I’ve looked around and found out a bunch of their formulations have changed, making them not as natural as they used to be. This is sad. Soybean and canola oils are very cheap, and I assume genetically modified until I find a source to prove me wrong. FYI – this lip balm is not vegetarian/vegan due to the lanolin (from sheep wool).

Hope you guys enjoy lip balm as much as I do!

**extra = EOS lip balm. Haven’t personally tried this but my mom was going to buy some for me and said the ingredients looked good. I checked out their site and it looks alright! Petroleum free, paraben free, phthalate free, and lots of organic ingredients. I would accept this as a gift 🙂


2 thoughts on “Product comparison – lip balms

  1. You’ve been holding out on me! I’ve never heard of this Lip Cake but now all that I want is a bucket full of it! If your purse stash goes missing, you know why 🙂


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