wheat-free banana cookies

My lovely friend Erin introduced me to these beauties a few years ago and recently I’ve been obsessed with making them. I’ve seen 3 groups of friends in the past week and they all have received banana cookies as a gift. I am even making a batch now while I write this….

The reason I am obsessed with them is because they are so gosh darn easy. And for those who have been following my recipes, you know I only make easy things. They take 3 minutes prep time and 12 minutes in the oven = 15 minutes total. In 15 minutes you could be eating ALL OF THESE COOKIES:

banana cookies

Bananas are a great foundation for any cookies (instead of dough) because in the oven they caramelize, holding all the ingredients together naturally – with added delicious caramel sweetness. Measurements are approximate (as usual) but you can’t go wrong. As long as you have a solid base of a few bananas, feel free to go bananas with the rest of the ingredients…………….*cough*…………………


2-3 bananas
handful of oats (as you can see I have a costco-sized bag of oats to get through!)
handful of coconut shreds
handful of cocoa nibs (or chocolate chips)
honey to sweeten *optional*

other potential ingredients: chia seeds, hemp seeds, cocoa powder, raisins, nuts, etc


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Mash up bananas in a bowl


2.  Add your other ingredients – coconut shreds, cocoa nibs, oats, and drizzle of honey. I added hemp hearts and chia seeds to mine too. Mash everything together.

ingredients  ingredients

3. Spoon out cookie-sized portions onto a baking sheet (non-greased). These cookies don’t rise or get bigger in the oven, so feel free to crowd them if you need to as I did here!

banana cookies

4. Bake for around 12 minutes until the bottoms are nice and caramelized. Take them out and voila! Wheat-free banana cookies.

banana cookies



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