make your own lavender owl!

lavender owls

Hi everyone,

The original inspiration of my blog started with the lavender-filled owl my sister handmade for me as a new years present (affectionately now named “Hootie”). She has since decided to make more owls, and has generously offered to share with us how they are made!

This is a very easy and relaxing craft, and can be fit to your needs. Consider it a holistic variation to the “magic bag“, except this one includes the healing properties of aromatherapy. Make it with organic cotton to sooth your skin, and fill it with any scent you wish!  In order to heat it in the microwave you need to use 100% cotton for all materials so it doesn’t burst into flames. I haven’t heated my Hootie yet, so far he’s just a relaxing sleeping buddy. During the day I keep him under the covers to warm him up naturally.

A perfect activity for a cold winter’s day. Happy crafting, everyone!

What you will need:

– organic 100% cotton fabric (any pattern you wish for the base. You will also need plain white, black, and yellow to make the eyes and beak, respectively)
– sewing materials (needle, 100% cotton thread, scissors, pins)
– 3 cups rice (uncooked)
– 1/2 cup dried lavender flowers (can find this in bulk at most health food stores. Alternatively you can use another scent that appeals to you, i.e. dried peppermint leaves, rosemary, dried orange or lemon peels, etc.)
– essential oils (optional – for extra scent mix 10 drops in the rice)
– a cat (optional, as a craft buddy)

*all photo credits to my sister Jenn!*

1. cut your base fabric into 2 identical owl-body shapes. Keep your desk as messy as possible with mugs of tea, remote controls, sewing materials… (just teasing Jenn!)


2. Prepare the eyes by cutting circles in alternating white and black fabric. Sew the circles together, alternating black as the base, white for the middle, then black as the pupil.
Sew the eyes on one of the 2 owl-body base sheets (not both)

hootie2    hootie4

3 You will now have something that looks like this 🙂 Notice how the 2 base sheets are not sewn together yet.
*disclaimer – this is also where you would cut a triangle shape out of your yellow fabric and sew on his beak….*


4. Now you can sew the base sheets together. Begin by pinning the edges of the sheets together with sewing pins. This will help keep your sewing straight.


5. Make sure you have a cat to do what cats do best…..sit on things you are working on.


6. Anyway………using tight stitches, start sewing the 2 sides together. Leave the top part of the owl open – this is where you will pour in your rice and dried lavender flowers. Once rice and flowers are safely inside, stitch shut.
***For experienced sewers you have an option of sewing your Hootie trim inside out first for extra support, then flipping it back….You know what I mean!!***

hootie9   hootie7

7. This is what it should look like when you are done! Please note the blue owl does not have a beak. It was forgotten in the process and now kind of looks like a water droplet with eyes. However, do not worry……he is still adorable (perhaps even more so!), equally useful, and has an owner that loves him very much 🙂

lavender owls
Hootie and his new buddy Droplet



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