at-home avocado hair mask

My scalp and hair have been extra dry this winter. I’ve seen tons of hair oils at work, and lots of blogs that feature “do it yourself” hair masks with natural oils to  help nourish dry skin and hair. So I decided to try one and let you all know how it went! But it wasn’t as easy as I hoped…

First try: at-home avocado and honey hair mask.
I checked out this blog with a nice recipe for avocado/honey/olive oil hair mask. Avocado is full of essential fats and honey has great enzymes and vitamins. I didn’t have olive oil at the time but went with these 2 ingredients and blended them together. Seemed easy!

recipe       mask

Then for some reason I stopped reading the rest of the blog and thought “I know how to do this”. So I just started pasting the avocado honey mixture on my dry hair.

uh oh

As you can see, it was not pleasant. 2 things happened: First, I ended up with mostly dry hair with a top layer of chunky avocado bits. Second, I decided to rinse it out with just water. The top of my head came out incredibly oily and I had to shower it out the next morning.

What I did wrong: fail to read the rest of the blog, which said put the avocado mask on damp hair, add heat, then wash out in a regular shower with shampoo and conditioner. TRIPLE FAIL.

Second try:  NuStyle Hair Smoothing Serum. I got this free at work and thought “Ah-ha! This is my chance to redeem myself”.

This cool hair oil has quinoa protein, jojoba oil, and the oils of lavender, lime, lemon and orange! This time I read the instructions, and there were 2 options: you can use it as a serum by rubbing it between your hands first and adding a nice light layer to dry hair to smooth out any frizz or split ends. Or, you can make it into a hair mask by putting a bunch of the oil on dry hair for 10 min, then shampooing and conditioning as usual.

I tried to combine both my efforts by first using the hair smoothing serum all over my head, then making a second avocado-honey mixture to paste on top. I went all out because I knew I was following directions this time. I put all the oils all over my head then twisted it into a bun and left it for 10 min.

hair    hair

Then shampooed and conditioned in the shower as it told me, then let it air dry. It came out super shiny, soft and smooth!!! Success 🙂

hair  DSC07165

**FYI: after seeing the picture on the right I had to go check my hair in the mirror because it looks like I have a giant piece of white hair….but phew, turns out it was just extra shiny hair shining in the light!**

Lessons I’ve learned:
1. Always finish reading instructions before trying something new.
2. But don’t be afraid to try something new! Mistakes make us all more wise 🙂



3 thoughts on “at-home avocado hair mask

      1. I pour it in my hand and run it through my hair (avoid scalp + close to) and then I wrap my hair into a bun and wait 30 minutes….shower and voila 🙂


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