mineral fusion nail polish

Ok so I’ve decided, I’m going to start featuring one product a week on the blog to do a brief overview on. It will be called FABULOUS FRIDAY! Basically anything I’m currently obsessed with with be featured, in case you guys want to try something new 🙂

I’ll link all these products to my page “resources + feature products” for people to have reference to later.

First up = Mineral Fusion nail polish


This is my collection so far (“Mocha Stone”, “Tiara” and “Fiery Lava”) but there are tons of colours! Check out their site here 🙂

I love this nail polish because of the long-lasting and intense colour. It applies and looks just like conventional nail polish….


it is:
– paraben free
– phthalate free
– formaldehyde free
-toulene free
-gluten free
-talc free
-fragrance free


never tested on animals!!

me wearing "fiery lava" red nailpolish while holding a baby chick!
me wearing “fiery lava” red nail polish whilst holding a baby chick!

happy friday my friends 🙂


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