PC – greens powders


Hey y’all,

More products to compare! I seem to have a growing collection of greens powders so I hope this comparison will be helpful for those looking into buying some.

What are they?
Greens powders are basically powdered green things (thanks, Captain Obvious). Usually they offer a base of powdered vegetables or grasses (like wheatgrass, barley, etc), and include powdered fruits, herbs, or sea vegetables too.

They can also include the following:
– probiotics – some greens powders are fermented to help ease digestion and boost immunity
– fibre – usually some sort of plant fibre like apple pectin
– enzymes – enzymes are compounds that help facilitate reactions in the body, or help break down big molecules into littler ones. Raw fruits and vegetables have tons of enzymes, and most greens powder companies include them in formulas as well.

What’s the point?
Usually a person would include some sort of greens powder if perhaps they aren’t eating enough fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, due to time/money/illness/climate/soil conditions/organic/etc…..tons of reasons. Fresh whole foods are always the ideal, but in case there is a barrier, a greens powder might be a good choice to include in your routine (mixed with water/juice or in a smoothie) for the following reasons:
– concentrated source of nutrients: vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
– very alkalizing to the body (helps body processes run more efficiently and ward off disease)
– increases energy and oxygen available to the body

What to look for:
Look for the best use of ingredients and quantity for the price, haha….seriously, some greens powders are expensive! But here’s a saying to consider: “ask not why some foods are so expensive, rather why some foods are so cheap”. Ideally, money invested = quality returned.

Tastiest ones I’ve tried:
Greens + “Whole Body” fermented powder is actually delicious. I have the acai mango flavour and I can just mix it with water and drink it like juice.

Trophic Greens Concentrate has spirulina (algae), chlorella (algae) and lots of beta carotene. You only need the tiniest scoop to get your daily recommendation, so this product lasts a long time, is effective, and tastes very very mild….I can mix a scoop in plain water and drink it comfortably!

Pranin makes a really cool “A to Z” formula. It is  Canadian, vegan, non-GMO, organic, and raw. I actually liked their greens formula so much that I also bought their powdered vitamin E (from annatto seeds) and powdered vitamin C (from acerola cherries). They even offer a vegan powdered iron from curry leaves!! Gonna do a feature blog on this brand asap 🙂




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