aging gracefully!

I was listening to a fantastic conference call the other day from Dr. Christiane Northrupa medical doctor specializing in holistic women’s health. Her message is all about empowering everyone (men or women!) to follow the natural wisdom within themselves.

The talk was all about aging gracefully, and I thought this was a neat topic to discuss further. I’ve witnessed many people using age as an excuse for inactivity or mental decline. Some customers at work say to me “I can’t remember such-and-such, but I’m over 60 so you know how it is…..”. My usual reaction is to give a small awkward laugh, but to be truthful I’d like to ask “no, I don’t know how it is….why can’t people remember stuff after age 60?” . Not being over 60 myself, I’m aware I don’t know everything. However, I do believe that when we use our numerical age as a crutch or excuse, it doesn’t serve us any purpose other than to help us give in to passive decline and apathy.

So…. I’d like to challenge everyone to re-consider how they define themselves in terms of their age. We are all aging, and I want to consider aging a positive and natural process. With no further adieu,  here are some PRO-aging recommendations for those who want to empower themselves!

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– Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, forgetfulness, clumsiness, and other “seniors” associations are not automatically a natural part of aging. Practice keeping your body and mind sharp, starting now.

– There are lots of theories on why some people seem to look older than others at the same age. Chronological age = how old you technically are. Biological age = how old you feel. If you take care of yourself, who says you can’t be a wise, healthy, playful, curious and active 80 year old??

– Call it a “goddess” or “god” moment – not a “seniors” moment – when you forget something! This helps in 2 ways: 1) it will take away the stigma associate with becoming older. We need to associate getting older with positive connotations, not use it as a scapegoat! And 2) as we age, our brains also advance in thought to a more profound place….so when you ‘forget’ something, just tell yourself it’s because your brain is pre-occupied thinking of more abstract, otherworldly things 🙂 i.e. how a goddess might think, perhaps

– One theory on aging is that body and mind decline is a result of oxidative stress causing micro-damage to our cells. This may be from a diet high in sugar or fried foods, pollution, smoking, chemicals, etc. To combat this, work on minimizing exposure to these pollutants, and include lots of antioxidants in your daily life. Antioxidants provide protection against damage and can help heal tiny injuries in our body. Include things like berries, citrus, fresh vegetables, Vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, or turmeric.

– Hug people – hugging for more than 6 seconds releases serotonin and oxytocin, two potent neurotransmittors that make us feel happy. A happy brain and body is a healthy brain and body.

– Keep yourself flexible! Keeping your body moving helps maintain muscle tone and brain flexibility. Try balancing on one foot with your eyes closed for 20 sec each day.

High 5 for aging with grace!



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