skin essence skin care

FABULOUS FRIDAY presents: Skin Essence….my absolute favourite skin care line (so far!)

simply nourishing!

My collection so far includes the “Nourish” skin oil (for combination skin, rich in rosehip oil), “Light” (acne-prone skin, has antibacterial ingredients and smells like lemongrass), and “Facial in a Jar” (a dry clay infused with green tea, comfrey, and other soothing herbs that you mix with water to make a clay mask). The mix is naturally sweet….sometimes I lick this off my own face.

All their blends are so simple and clean. Beautiful oils like jojoba, rosehip, macadamia nut, or hazelnut, are mixed with other plant essences like lemongrass, lime, sweet orange, neroli or jasmine.

They also have skin cleansers, “E-Cream” for eczema, chocolate orange body butter, and eye cream.

Why they are great:
– Canadian
– all organic, non-GMO
– fair trade, cruelty-free
– simple, minimal ingredients I can pronounce!
– sometimes edible (chocolate mandarin body butter and facial in a jar)


The founder of Skin Essence is a model……..


yes. Just….yes.


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