thank you everyone!

Almost at the 2 month mark of starting this blog…….now seems like as good a time as any to thank everyone who has “liked” or followed my blog so far! All my online followers (Colene, Shann, Lesley, Beka, Stephanie, David, Erin, Cristian, and everyone else!) – I really appreciate you taking a chance on my little baby here. Hope I can continue to serve you well.

And below (in no particular order) some personal thanks for all the peeps from facebook who have “like”d the page. If I missed anyone I’m sorry!!

Kathy – a true gem, and true to her heart – loves and is loved by everyone she meets!
Jenn – my baby sista, as graceful as an antelope, as sassy as a cat, and more beautiful than a clear mountain stream
Jeffry – my karmic soul mate. we can go months without catching up and reconnect like no time has past
Tracey – the nicest and kindest person probably in the world. I have her to thank for my fox mug!
Thaesha – a beautiful young woman who has the spirit and spunk of a forest fairy
Anca + dave – have my deepest gratitude for them welcoming me into my first job, and for the privilege of getting to watch their children
Chris C – my game of thrones buddy. Always hilarious, sweet, and dedicated to whatever he puts his mind to
Nicole G. – an inspirational leader and genuine friend
Jeremy – my baby bro, the world’s most artistic, clever and whimsical gentleman
Taylor – a passionate herbalist and a source of endless smiles
Alicia – super cute, creative, and confident
Lyndsay – most patient vehicle owner and now amazingly talented massage therapist
Kayla – long time friend from middle school – you always shared your chocolate pudding with me even though i wasn’t allowed to have it!
Shaelah – a gracious and unbelievably talented young woman who will take over the world someday
Jayme – cheerful, kind and dependable, as elegant as a Jane Austen heroine
Chris H – hilarious, super smart, and polite. Quite the well rounded gentleman
Kelly – follows her heart all around the globe! Sweet and adventurous, always beautifully tanned
Pete – intelligent, charming, will be on the cover of GQ one day.
Courtney O – super fun, intelligent, and effortlessly stylish. **shout out to courtney’s mom and aunt who follow online!! Thanks ladies, it means a lot **
Hannah – graceful, elegant, and a talented actress. Gonna see you win an Oscar one day!
Amanda – has the best taste in Mexican food. always stays true to what she believes in, even when doctors tell her differently…you know what i mean
Carley smith – a professional babe!
Catherine  – a gifted dancer, loving sister and friend
Emma – one of my first “like”s on facebook! Eternally grateful for that, and for being my ottawa soul twin!
Jess – gorgeous, smart, and very fashionable
Kevin – an easygoing yet passionate gentleman who always searches for the truth
Erin – my sista from another mista, my devoted, dazzling and delicious best friend
Laura – my university friend who always made our house brighter!
Mitchell – a really sweet, funny, and longtime friend to my man
Nicole kirton – my university friend who shared a wall with me, bought me my first university birthday present (a white tube top, still have it!), and took us all under her wings
Renee – classy, hard working and hilarious, never failing to bring polish culture into my life
Steph fox – a gorgeous stunning woman who once watched over me and my siblings. You taught us well steph 🙂
Tasha – a non-technical sister in law to me (this summer), super sweet and keeps me company at family dinners

Thanks again everyone! Cheers 🙂


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