Healing Golden Milk

I first saw this recipe in an article in Vitality Magazine and had to make it right away. It’s a perfect warming drink during the winter and very easy (and soothing) to make.

This is a traditional drink commonly consumed in Indian culture. At its base is the spice turmeric, super rich and versatile. It is full of gorgeous yellow pigment, making it a powerful anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and memory-boosting food. Turmeric is also known traditionally in Ayuervedic medicine as being dry and hot, meaning it is a good remedy for anyone suffering from wet and cool conditions (like wet cough). I buy my turmeric ground, but sometimes you can find whole turmeric root at your grocer!

This milk has incredible anti-inflammatory properties (clove, cardamom, turmeric) and immune boosting nutrients (honey and ginger). Gold milk is very mild, and tastes like warm chai. Below is how I make it, but feel free to experiment and blend the turmeric with whatever other spices you feel work well!


Golden Milk 

– 1 cup milk (I used almond milk, you can use whatever you want!)
– 7-8 whole cloves (or 1/2 tsp ground)
– 7-8 cardamom pods (or 1/2 tsp ground)
– 1 tbsp turmeric powder (or more if you want)
– 1 tsp raw honey
– small bit of shredded ginger

1. On low heat, add milk to a small pot.

2. Add your cloves, ginger, and cardamom to the milk. I used whole cloves. If you buy whole cardamom pods, you need to break them open, as shown below on the left. You will get a burst of delightful chai smell! Open the pods, extract the brown seeds, then discard the shells. It’s a bit time consuming but you form a intimate connection with your food 🙂
d.    f

3. Add your turmeric and honey. I had a whole selection of honey to choose from so I chose my cinnamon-infused raw wildflower honey (2nd from left) that I got in Bowmanville. Love to support local farmers and what they do best!

4. Finally stir all the ingredients together. Let sit on the stove on low heat for a few minutes, letting the flavours infuse. When it is warm to the touch, strain out the cardamom seeds, ginger and cloves.
x     g

Pour into a mug and enjoy on a chilly winter afternoon!e



2 thoughts on “Healing Golden Milk

    1. I haven’t experienced any grainy-ness from my trials making it, but here’s an alternate method of making this milk: pour 1/2 the milk quantity in a pot to start heating on the stove. Pour the other 1/2 of the milk in a blender with the spices and blend for 30 seconds. Then pour your blended mixture into the warm pot to heat with the rest of the milk. Add the honey hear the end so it can all melt together. Hope that helps! ❤

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