pranin powdered nutrients


Ok, I’ve already mentioned Pranin products in another post, but I wanted to highlight them again because I think they are so darn cool!!!

Cool facts:
– Canadian company (from BC). Here’s the link to their website: Pranin Organics
– naturopath formulated
– raw, vegan, organic, non-GMO
– all plant based, powdered vitamins

Here is my collection so far:
e Powdered vitamin E from annatto seeds.

c Powdered vitamin C from acerola cherries – 500mg vitamin C per serving. . They have a new formulation now made of amla berries and moringa leaves that provides 690% of your vitamin C needs.

 Ones I want to get:
PureFood™ B Powdered B vitamins from lemon, guava, holy basil and spirulina

PureFood™ Iron Powdered iron from curry leaves. It also includes amla berries and moringa powder for extra vitamin C, which helps iron absorption.


Is this the coolest stuff or what??!!



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