deep breathing and sage water


As I’ve heard and witnessed, the days after the time change and full moon can be quite overwhelming! I saw on the news weird stats about more car accidents, more depression, and more eerie ‘coincidences’ signalling the universe seems to be against you. There are probably lots of explanations for these occurances, but no matter what, intuitively we can feel something has shifted. It can result in quite a stressful week for many people. So I thought today would be a good day to write about some really easy stress-relieving techniques, involving deep breathing and sage..

Deep Breathing
Deep breathing is extremely easy, and beneficial to our bodies and minds. Unfortunately it is quite a neglected practice. The act of taking time to devote 1 minute to yourself is in itself a wonderful anxiety-reliever. Breathing naturally clears out stale toxic carbon dioxide from our lungs, and inputs fresh, clean, rejuvenating oxygen. This oxygen goes directly to all our trillion cells who are all working together to keep you alive and healthy! Your cells are devoted to working for you 24/7, no matter what is going on in your life. Let’s reward them with a moment of tranquillity, shall we?

Every morning before rising and every evening before retiring, lay in bed and close your eyes. Take a big slow breath in through your nose. Watch as your belly rises. Once you are full of air, gently and slowly release this breath (through your nose or mouth) until it is all gone. Repeat for 1 minute (or more if you have more time!). Imagine as you draw in each breath that each one of your cells is being filled with clean oxygen, gratitude, love, and energy. With each exhale, imagine releasing negativity and tension from your body. When you open your eyes, thank yourself (silently or out loud) for doing this activity!

This is a wonderful, easy and profound stress reliever. I personally like to also imagine peaceful scenery, such as a beautiful sunny meadow with wildflowers, or my home away from home – Japan 🙂 Look how serene this is!


Sage Water
Sage is a tremendously healing and calming herb. It naturally has anti-inflammatory properties, enhances mood, concentration, alertness, and peacefulness. Sage can also be used by menopausal women to help relieve hot flashes! I buy organic sage leaves from the grocery store and add 1 or 2 to a tall glass of room temperature spring water. It gives the water a glorious fresh taste! I like to put sage in my water when I feel a busy day ahead of me, either at school or at work. You can also make sage tea by steeping leaves in boiling water….but I actually prefer it cool.


Feel better, dear readers. Things will be okay! 🙂



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