book review – “The Path to Phenomenal Health”


I wanted to share with everyone that I’ve been reading this book and it’s really great! I got it from work as part of a 1-month greens challenge, whereby I am supposed to read this book, have 1 greens powder product every day, and measure my pH levels. I have yet to measure my pH levels (whoops) but I *am* reading the book, and I *am* having my greens!

Sam Graci, the author of this book, is the founder of the brand Genuine Health and “Greens +”, a supplement that basically pioneered the realm of greens drinks. My mom used to (and still does) buy Greens + all the time, and she would sneak it into our smoothies when we weren’t looking. The company was founded by this guy Sam, a nutritional researcher who started off working with teens enrolled in behavioural treatment facilities. He noticed that by supplementing their diets with powdered super-foods (vegetables, sea vegetables, herbs, essential fats, probiotics, enzymes, etc) their energy and mental focus increased as their delinquency declined.

The underlying message of the book is to empower yourself with knowledge, design your life to be at one with nature, and to be in constant communication with your body and what it needs. It encourages whole, cell-friendly foods (such as omega 3s, flax seeds, anti-oxidants, green tea and tons of veggies!) and has lots of recipes, including a 7-day rejuvenation plan. He highlights really cool research too, so I’m learning all sorts of new things like:

sesame seeds contain components that alter our age-degenerating genes, reduce risk for cardiovascular disease, decrease inflammation and lower cholesterol..
green tea plus conjugated linolenic acid (CLA) = a very potent weight loss team!! Also the anti-oxidant power of green tea is at least 25% more potent than vitamin C and vitamin E
– the kola nut (a member of the cacao family) is a source of natural caffeine and can enhance memory, increase alertness, and boost motivation and positive mood.

It’s a very inspiring, research-based book with lots of ideas on how to get vitality back into your life and to live with more energy and optimism than you knew possible. It’s all from good food, connecting with nature, and acknowledging that your body is incredible and worthy of respect.

So yeah, I really like it so far. One last cool thing -. the author wrote this book by hand! Maybe that explains the vast, VAST amount of spelling mistakes……..anyway, yes the book was written by hand, at the beginning of autumn, while sitting at a table by the fireside – he even confesses his pride in chopping the wood for that fire by hand (“it is an art to learn to split logs well”). Who knew?!




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