fancy tea in fancy cups


Tea time ❤

It’s not a fabulous day without a fabulous cup of tea! I broke out my Bubu’s beautiful china tea cups and had myself a little romantic vintage tea party.


And what better way to compliment my fanciness than with a simple nourishing cup of tea. Today’s feature is all about the loose leaf organic dried herbs from Clef des ChampsClef des Champs is a cute little organic herb company located in Val David, Quebec. They are master herbalists and grow all their own herbs and flowers in their breathtaking gardens. You can even go for garden tours in the summer and see all the growing herbs, flowers and botanicals. Click here for more info 🙂

Each plant they grow has a benefit. Their garden includes green oat (soothing), nettle (anti-allergy), lavender (calming), astragalus (immune boosting), milk thistle (liver support), lemon balm (calming), dandelion (liver support), calendula flowers (anti-inflammatory), and more. Their collection is humongous so whatever you’re thinking of, they probably have it.


Currently I have their green oat, lavender, burdock (skin clearing), and nettle. I also have their Cold and Flu tea which is a mixture of immune boosting plants like echinacea, peppermint, raspberry and elder flower.


This is a great brand to try and trust – they know what they’re doing and they’re good at it 🙂



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