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Making the leap from conventional shampoo to natural shampoo isn’t hard!

my current hair-care selection….no room for johnny’s stuff in the shower anymore

Many people are choosing to switch to more natural shampoos and body care items as a way to limit exposure to certain toxins. In the past few years I’ve switched all my shampoos to more natural selections and am much happier for it – I have beautiful, strong, legitimately healthy hair, not just “healthy looking” hair like the commercials advertise!

Healthy hair comes from a healthy scalp, and after all your scalp is made of skin. It needs the same care and nourishment as the rest of your skin in order to produce beautiful hair! Nutrients such as biotin, silica, essential fatty acids and plant extracts are all useful to nourish your scalp. Herbs like rosemary and lavender are very stimulating and can enhance hair growth.

What to look for
Well this is more like what not to look for, but anyway…..type in your current shampoo brand on the website Skin Deep – part of the Environmental Working Group website. It will list the ingredients for you and rate each objectively as they relate to overall health or hazard. It’s really useful!

According to David Suzuki’s website, these are the top ingredients to be mindful of when purchasing shampoos and body care: BHT, Colour, formeldehyde, parabens, parfum/fragrances, petroleum, sodium laurel sulphides, and triclosan. Each of these ingredients has been shown to be toxic to humans in some way, for example linking to hormone disruption or cancer risk.
**** the ingredient triclosan specifically has been researched recently with mice and found to disrupt liver integrity, compromise liver function, and interfere with proteins responsible for detoxifying chemicals – leading to increased risk of liver tumors ****

Which natural shampoos are best?
Here’s my ratings for the ones I’ve tried and loved 🙂

Most like ‘regular’ shampoo = Desert Essence
It lathers like normal shampoo, which is great because lots of new converts get upset with a lack of suds. I’m using the coconut shampoo right now, and they also have other great scents like apple ginger, lemon, red raspberry and grape.

Most like a trip to the spa = John Masters 
John Masters is a hairstylist and created his line “John Masters Organics” with the intent to imitate salon-worthy products using clean, organic wild-crafted ingredients that are safe for the environment as well as our skin. I have the Honey Hibiscus hair re-constructor  and the Evening Primrose shampoo for dry hair. They also have an Avocado Lavender hair conditioner that is so rich you will want to ice cupcakes with it.

Best therapeutic brand = Andalou – Lavender Biotin 
It doesn’t lather much but man are the ingredients pure and simple and it smells great! Andalou uses all natural plant extracts to really nourish and support hair growth, so your hair truly is healthy, not just ‘healthy looking‘. The the biotin works to strengthen hair, and lavender stimulates and soothes the scalp. They also have an “Argan and Sweet Orange” scent which is very nice.

Honourable Mentions:
Avalon Organics – use organic essential oils and plant extracts with no preservatives. I have their peppermint conditioner and omg, it’s pure peppermint! Makes for quite the zesty shower-time experience.
Weleda – Oat, Millet or Wheat shampoos. I don’t personally like their scents but this is an age old company (from the 1920s) from Germany, and their ingredients are pretty OK. Their grain-derived products are high in vitamin E which is good for hair. Only disclaimer – their shampoos can sometimes leave hair greasy.

Have fun trying out some new haircare and let me know your favourites!


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