raw honey

tulipI cannot express how much I am in love with honey. Honey to me is the physical manifestation of springtime, miracles, and happiness all in one jar. It’s a tremendously powerful food, especially raw honey.

Raw honey means honey that has not been pasteurized. AKA, it is the bees pure creation and contains small natural amounts of bee pollen and wax. Keeping the honey raw means that the beneficial enzymes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are retained (and not destroyed by heat).


What’s so good about honey?f
– anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory
– has wound healing properties
– soothes and heals coughs, sore throats and respiratory conditions (it acts as an expectorant too)
– alleviates allergies
– strengthens your immune and digestive systems
– great natural exfoliator and cleanser for skin (great for acne-prone skin too)

Types of honey:
There are so many (buckwheat, dandelion, eucalyptus, etc.) but one I’d like to highlight is called Manuka honey. This honey comes from the manuka flowers that grow in New Zealand only 2-6 weeks out of every year! This is one reason why it is so expensive! The manuka plant is a relative of the tea tree, so manuka honey traditionally is very potent for the immune system.

Go local!
Consuming and using honey from your area has 2 major benefits:
1. You support your local beekeeper and economy
2. A good dose of local flower pollen sensitizes your immune system to environmental allergens in your area, making them less likely to irritate you come allergy season!


Where to find local honey in your area?
Ontario Beekeepers – a list of all Ontario honey vendors.
For my American friends, check out the National Honey Board and click on the “Honey Locator” tab.

Seriously, go there now!


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