natural mothers day gifts!

I wanted to share some gift ideas (inspired by mother nature) with you guys as Mothers Day is right around the corner! If your mom is anything like mine, she won’t appreciate coupons……she wants to see thoughtful, personal gifts symbolising the time and brainpower you took to think of her.

Show her that you care about her and the world she lives in. Here are my choices of the coolest gifts for mom and mother nature 🙂 Enjoy!

Flowers and SeedsDSC07487
Instead of a bouquet, decorate a terracotta pot and give mom a selection of organic seeds to plant! It’s a fact that all moms like to garden. Decorating the pot may seem like a childhood activity but remember, this is your mom. No matter what your age, she will always and forever think of you as her baby, so why not embrace it?

Calming Therapy Pillows
I currently love this Natural Therapy Pillow made by Halfmoon Yoga. Made in BC with 100% organic unbleached cotton and filled with whole grains and dried lavender flowers! Can be used hot or cold to help sooth mom’s sore muscles and help her relax 🙂

Fair Trade Chocolate
Another fact about moms is that they all love chocolate. Amiright? Get her a variety of delicious fair-trade chocolate flavours like  ‘Chili and Spice’ (from Camino), ‘Dark Chocolate Coconut Toffee’ (from Alter-Eco), ‘Milk Chocolate Sea Salt’ (from Green & Black’s), or ‘Dark Chocolate Raspberry’ (from Theo).

Human-friendly Jewelry
All ladies deserve jewelry, and your mom is no exception. Treat her to ethical, conflict-free diamonds and sustainable jewelry by shopping from Brilliant Earth. Mom will sparkle when she knows she is supporting socially responsible practices 🙂

Bath Stuff
My mom is obsessed with ‘bath stuff’, i.e. soap, bath bubbles, bath oil, bath salts, basically anything to do with having a bath. Lala Soap is made in Toronto and makes natural soap bars and body scrubs. Purple Urchin is a company local to Ottawa and they also make great soaps and bath stuff! And for my friends in the USA – Bonny Bath handcrafted organic products made in North Carolina with love ❤

Finally for the mom who was EVERYTHING…..
Himalayan Salt Tequila Shot Glasses
. This is exactly what it sounds like. Think of those beautiful Himalayan Salt lamps that omit negative ions and clean the air……and turn them into shot glasses! Or at least cool holders of other things.

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers ❤ Without you we would never be!


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