herbal salve


Today’s feature is my favourite go-to product for any skin issues. You name it, this fixes it: burns, rashes, inflammation, wounds, eczema, cracked skin, mosquito bites, hemmhoroids, fungal infections, etc…

Why is it so good? 
Herbal Salve contains a blend of organic fresh herbs, grown on the hillside of the Laurentian Mountains in Quebec. In a base of beeswax and olive oil, the following healing herbs are blended:
comfrey – also known as “bone knit” – a traditional powerful healing herb. Has been said to heal broken bones!
calendula – anti-inflammatory and anti-redness. Will sooth itches and irritation.
chickweed – another anti-inflammatory herb
black walnut – a powerful anti-microbial herb, with the ability to kill bacteria, fungal infections and parasites
plantain – very soothing to the skin for itches, hemmhoroids and mosquito bites
mullein – acts as an astringent, is good for burns and anti-bacterial
st. John’s wort –
good for skin irritations, wounds, stings, and bringing down redness
goldenseal –
anti-microbial, especially against viruses and fungus

It’s always good to learn what each herb does when you buy any herb formulas. Ask a herbalist, or check out a herb book to learn more! My collection right now includes Prescription for Herbal Healing and Healthy Herbs – a really easy and straightforward read. If you’re into learning more about herbs check these out 🙂



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