my new spring activities

Since it is so beautiful outside, I have traded my indoor pajama yoga practice for more outdoor sunny activities! Specifically, skipping and planking.


I bought this jump rope at SportChek and it is now my new favourite thing.

Skipping rope is an amazing body workout. First, it forces you to go outdoors because usually ceilings are too low to properly skip indoors (trust me, I’ve tried). Second, jumping is a fantastic way to stimulate your lymphatic system, in charge of draining out old immune tissue and toxins from the body. Third, jumping engages every muscle in your body, from your feet and calves to your forearms and triceps. Fourth, it’s super fun and reminds you of being a kid again! You don’t need to do huge jumps – little ones have the same effect (think boxers).

Ball Plank

I am also starting to do planking activities again after reading this article and being hooked. What is planking, you say? Planking is an effective abdominal strength activity and you need absolutely no equipment to do it – just your body and a flat surface. A proper plank involves balancing your body in a straight line on your and toes and forearms. Usually you hold that pose for about 15 seconds, and do a few reps.

AsDSC07558 a competitive Irish dancer in the past, we would always train and warm up our bodies by stretching, doing leg lifts for endurance, and doing the plank exercise to build a strong core. At home I’ll just do a plank  in the middle of the living room while watching Gossip Girl. Any way to get in that activity, amiright?

What are YOUR favourite spring/summer exercises?



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