aloe vera gel/juice

Aloe vera is a wonderfully versatile, healing and nutritious plant. I’m now going to try and convince you to keep a bottle of aloe vera juice or gel in your home as a staple at all times!

You’ve probably seen aloe vera before, but if you haven’t, take a look
It has big broad leaves and it quite easy to grow. Snap one of those leaves in half and a cooling clear gel will come out. This is what people usually associate with aloe – the gel that can be applied topically to heal sunburns. But that’s just the start of what aloe can do!

Fantastic Facts about Aloe

Internal Use
You can drink it! Aloe vera juice and aloe vera gel are both available to consume orally, providing you find a good organic brand. Lily of the Desert is the one I have at home. I have the gel (I’ve tried both – the gel tastes almost like nothing and I just put a spoonful into water to drink it. The juice tastes more like a plant and is kindof acidic, yet sweet, yet…..something else. If you’re adventurous go for it, but if not just get the gel 🙂 )

Why would I drink aloe gel?
heartburn relief – aloe is very cooling, soothing, and healing to the mucous membranes of the body. That counts for your esophagus, which is what gets splashed with acid during a heartburn episode. If you feel heartburn coming on, skip the ant-acids and mix 2 tbsp of the gel in a bit of water and sip… should help right away.
ulcer relief – the stomach lining is made up of mucous. If you have an ulcer, that mucous lining has been worn down and it can be very painful. Sip on some aloe to help soothe the pain, decrease inflammation, and help cool and heal the area.
constipation relief – yes, your colon is also lined with mucous. Drink aloe to help naturally stimulate colon movement without any harsh or irritating laxatives.
nutrition – vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, enzymes, calcium, amino acids (proteins), and more! Check out this abstract for more info,

External Use
Aloe is a hydrating, anti-inflammatory and soothing skin healer. In addition to the tried-and-true choice of aloe for sunburn healing, also is also fantastic for any type of skin ailment. Aloe is cooling so it will help with any sort of hot, red, inflamed skin issue.

acne – in an empty spritz bottle mix 1/2 distilled water and 1/2 aloe vera juice. Add in a few drops of lavender essential oil (optional), shake, and mist over your face like a toner. Aloe will help cool down any red angry blemishes and provide moisture. Lavender is anti-bacterial and will help naturally heal your skin.

dry skin – Make yourself an aloe toner. Put some pure aloe vera juice (or gel mixed with water) in a spritz bottle, shake, and mist over your face! Aloe is SUPER HYDRATING for your skin – your skin pores will literally suck this stuff up and love you for it.

poison ivy or any skin wound/burn – “aloe vera dried it right up!” says Johnny about his aloe vera use during a poison ivy episode. Aloe has been researched to be very healing for wounds, skin itchiness and burns.

Hope this convinced you to go out and get yourself a bottle of this magical plant juice or gel ❤


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