top tips for a healthy man

Listen up, men of the world. You are important! Take care of your health and you will be radiant, energized, and full of vigor and vitality. Men face the same challenges as women when it comes to health (hormone balancing, digestion issues, etc.) and deserve even more care for things like reproductive and prostate health. Men – embrace your bodies and empower yourself with the tools to be the best man you can be. Below are my top tips for building a healthy man 🙂

Support for a Man’s Body
In addition to basic needs like protein, essential fats and fibre, men have other specific needs when it comes to their health. Men, for instance, need less iron than women because they are not losing blood monthly. Men usually require more protein daily because of their increased muscle mass. A good multivitamin/multimineral supplement is a good idea and can help supply the nutrients necessary for proper health. 

Healthy Testosterone
Testosterone levels naturally decline with age, just as estrogen levels in females naturally decline with age. It isn’t about going against nature here; rather, supporting the body through a time of change and keeping testosterone levels balanced during youth.

Natural Testosterone Helpers:
– adopt a lower-stress lifestyle
– lose extra weight (if needed) and increase exercise
– cut out alcohol and other environmental toxins. Eat a clean, whole-food based diet.
– plant sterols (help cholesterol convert into testosterone)

Prostate Health
Attention all men – you have a prostate and you need to take care of it. I’m  not going to repeat all those prostate commercials on TV because you should know by now to have a prostate check if you are over age 50. That being said, there are lots of easy, non-invasive nutrients you can support your prostate with on a daily basis to keep that thing healthy.

Natural Prostate Helpers:
– zinc (found in seaweed, pumpkin seeds, seafood)
– saw palmetto (decreases symptoms of enlarged prostate)
– ginger (anti-inflammatory)
– lycopene (a pigment in red/orange fruits and vegetables that has been shown to be protective against prostate cancer)
– adopt an estrogen-cautious lifestyle. Decrease your intake of phytoestrogens (found in soy, flax) and decrease your exposure to xenoestrogens found in the environment (BPA in plastic, detergents, chemicals, etc.).

FYI: The prostate is a gland sitting basically around the tubes where urine flows from the bladder out of the body. Men who start experiencing prostate symptoms can understand now why they suddenly have the urge to urinate more frequently if their prostate enlarges because it is literally squeezing those tubes!

Sexual Vitality
Overall vigor and vitality can vary a lot depending on diet and lifestyle. Stress, smoking, alcohol, and stimulants like coffee can all decrease your natural desire.

Natural Vitality Helpers:
– maca (a root from Peru that helps balance hormones, nourish adrenal glands and boost energy)
– thyroid support – sea vegetables, lots of water
– decrease dairy intake (milk, cheese, yogurt) – in Traditional Chinese Medicine, dairy is said to have a sedative effect on sexual energy. It is also mucous forming, which slows everything down.
– co Q 10 or niacin – help improve blood flow around your body

FYI: New sperm is made every 3 months! That’s a good guideline to give yourself if you want to make changes to your diet or lifestyle. Here are some natural healthy sperm helpers:
– zinc
– selenium (get your day’s worth of selenium in 2 Brazil nuts)
– vitamin C and other antioxidants
– essential fats like fish, coconut oil, flaxseed oil, borage oil, avocado, nuts, seeds, etc.
– keep your laptop and electronics off your lap! Seriously, this has been confirmed by science. Electromagnetic field radiation from laptop and cell phones can decrease levels of viable healthy sperm and decrease fertility in men. Use a desk!

There you have it. Take care of yourself and defy the statistics. Be well 🙂


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