Drinks with Purpose


I’m back after a long blog break, had to finish school then celebrate with a little vacation 🙂 I got these beauties while I was away and am enjoying them! A little desk owl to keep me focused, a deliciously-scented candle, and a herb mug that I’ll likely use for hot chocolate in the coming fall months.


I’m glad to be back, but wish I still could be on the beach in Maine for this long weekend! For those still enjoying their holiday somewhere by the lake, ocean, sandbank or at a cottage with friends, I bring you a list of truly eco-inspired wines and spirits. I’m talking about organic brewers, biodynamic wineries, and general earth-friendly drinks. You have a choice with everything you put into your body. Please support these brands in their great effort to take care of our earth!

A few pointers before the list:
organic – means the hops, grapes, wheat, barley, etc. was grown on organic farms and therefore not touched by conventional pesticides and herbicides. Organic farms are usually smaller and therefore spend a lot of time and effort caring for their crops’ livelihood. Check out my post on organic farming to learn more.
biodynamic – kindof like saying beyond organic. Biodynamic farms follow organic principles and so much more – they work to preserve biodiversity of all species, including the creatures that exist naturally on the farm (insects, deer….). They also add mineral and herbal mixes to the soil to promote plant growth. Very popular in Europe.

Drinks that Save the Earth – you might be surprised with the selection!

Tawse Winery – from Vineland in Niagara region. They practice biodynamic farming and have a beautiful selection of wines.




Southbrook Vineyards – also in Niagara. The first winery in Canada to get their Demeter Certification to become Biodynamic!


Square One Organic Spirits – from the USA. Offer organic vodka as well as organic rye spirits.





Mill Street Organic Lager
– local to the max, their brewery is right here in Toronto!



Dulce Vida Organic Tequila – yes, organic tequila exists, and not just this one brand from Mexico. Check out 4 Copas as well.




Corte Sant’alda – Biodynamic authentic Italian wine from the heart of Italy

Tru Organic Gin – it exists! Along with whisky, vodka and bitters from Greenbar Organic Distillery. They also plant a tree for every bottle sold. Woohoo!



Papagayo Organic Rum
from Paraguay distilled using traditional methods. Yum!


And there you have it! A sampling of great spirits and beers embracing their organic heritage. Next time you’re stocking up keep a lookout for these gems and feel good knowing that you’re drinking responsibly 🙂

-Emily ❤


2 thoughts on “Drinks with Purpose

  1. Great post Emily. For me one of the best. Very interesting about biodynamics in the wine industry. I will definitely look into this more and maybe Lesley and I will go to Niagara-on-the-Lake to visit these wineries while in Toronto. Looking forward to your next post. Lesley was touched that you included the owl in your post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Murray! I’m glad you liked it and learned some new things. Take pictures of the wineries if you go and send them to me! I’d love to feature your photos in a post 🙂 And the owl is beside me, cheering me on!


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