mushrooms – hidden powerhouses

photo cred – four sigma foods

I’ve been thinking about mushrooms lately. As fall approaches (and my recent head cold comes to an end) I’ve been rummaging through my cupboards to check out my stock for immune boosters. I usually keep on hand the general vitamin C, echinacea, elderberry, garlic….but this past weekend I found my hidden stash of medicinal mushrooms, powerhouses of immune boosting goodness that I just have to share!

…………let me re-phrase for a second…..I actually do not ‘hide’ or ‘stash’ mushrooms like candy. What I mean is I have a lot of things in my cupboards and often things are so squashed in there I lose track of what I have! Haha but anyway, here’s the thing. Most people know about medicinal mushrooms (think reishi, chaga, cordyceps) but are apprehensive about actually trying them. They’re automatically connected with ‘outdated’ medicine, magic mushrooms, or fungus….or who knows. But today I’d like to enlighten you on some of the properties of these real gems of the world, and maybe convince you to give them a chance. Did you know we share around 30-40% of our DNA with mushrooms?!?! I’ve chosen 2 greats brands that know mushrooms and have thoughtfully created them with your convenience and apprehensiveness in mind!

  1. Giddy Yoyo – raw chaga chunks. This is exactly what it sounds like, actual chunks of spongy chaga mushroom grown on birch trees in our beautiful Boreal Forest. Chaga is known for its incredible immune and stress balancing properties, and is called the King of Mushrooms. Brew yourself a cup by adding 4tbsp chaga per 1L water. A bit bitter but actually is a great coffee substitute!

2. Four Sigma – Instant Mushrooms.
This is my new obsession. Four Sigma hails from Finland and is a group of “Fun Guys” (aka fungi’s) who know everything there is to know about mushrooms. They also believe in respecting the earth and cultivating nature’s wild mushrooms (better quality and potency), instead of growing them in mass production (cheaply). They have created “instant” mushroom beverages using dual-extractions to reap the most benefit out of each shroom. Mixing the final mushroom powders with stevia and spices (think anise, wild mint, cinnamon…) the end result is a functional drink that tastes amazing AND provides a therapeutic dose. You just mix a packet with hot water and drink. Here’s a cheat sheet of what they offer:
Reishi – calm, de-stress, reduce cravings, focus
Chaga – boost and balance your immune system
Cordyceps – increase energy, blood flow
Lion’s Mane – brain power, memory, concentration
DSC07666Mushroom Hot Chocolate (“XOCO”)
– just tried this and love it. Reishi mixed with raw cacao powder and cinnamon. Delicious and revitalizing after a stressful day.

Mushroom Coffee with Chaga and CordycepsMushroom Coffee – did you know mushrooms actually lower the acidity of coffee? As well as providing much-needed support to the adrenal glands that control your stress levels (and can get jolted with a cup of black coffee). Delish!

As always, if you’re taking any meds it’s a good idea to check with your GP first before trying new supplements. For most of us, these mushrooms might be the exact boost of goodness we’ve been looking for 🙂




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