Food Hacks!

The new fad of ‘life hacks‘ has not been lost on me as an avid Pinterest user. I’ve seen ’em all. Life hacks are basically easy DIY advice that will make your life easier….from this handy little tip:

to this downright gospel of life:

Nice, right? Food hacks work the same way, only with food (see what I did there…). Everyone has their own personal health journey with goals such as losing weight, increasing energy, going gluten-free, including more veggies, decreasing sugar, exercising…whatever. So I’ve put together a little list of food hacks to help you out. The answers are out there!

Cutting back on sugar?
– get your morning latte made without syrup! Ask the barista at your favourite coffee spot to skip the syrup and do the following to get the same flavour:
Chai latte = make with chai tea bag instead.
London Fog = froth vanilla soy milk into the drink instead of a shot of vanilla syrup
– decrease sugar cravings by snacking on something rich in protein (nuts/seeds), essential fats (coconut chunks) or fibre (fruit with peel). These will balance the amount of sugar entering your blood stream, resulting in reduced cravings!
– anything ending in “ose ” on a food label means it is a sugar. Read your labels and choose wisely!
– stock up on natural sweeteners like raw honey, maple syrup and molasses to keep you going when the going gets tough.

Going Gluten-Free?
first, check out my glutepost about hidden sources of gluten to be mindful of.
– tons and TONS of restaurants are now offering gluten-free choices, gluten-free buns, and lettuce-wrapped alternatives at no extra charge!
– check out this Gluten-Free Ontario guide to choosing restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and anything offering gluten-free options! For my Ottawa followers, check out this site 🙂

Wanna Slip-in some Superfoods?
freeze ’em – place a digestion-enhancing mint leaf, energizing rosemary sprig or liver-protecting lemon peel into your next batch of ice cubes. Use them in drinks for added flavour and benefit.
– make “juice” for your family by skipping the store-bought frozen concentrates and investing in a good tasting greens powder. Genuine Health Whole Body Acai Mango, Progressive Phytoberry and Vital Kids are all DELICIOUS when just mixed with plain water! The flavour of juice with the power of fruits and vegetables.
– visit health food stores on Saturdays. Saturdays are always the busiest day, and usually when the most demos and samples are scheduled. I once spent a whole Saturday at work in Whole Foods eating nothing but free food and drinks supplied to me by demo people!

Energized to get Exercising?
– In the last few months I’ve collected literally 30 free passes for yoga/pilates/etc. classes around the city. How? Most “hip” cafes and restaurants are hot spots for companies trying to attract new followers. Check out the info corner of your favourite spot for ‘free class’ cards, business cards, educational pamphlets, and events happening in your city. I got most of mine at Fresh Restaurants around Toronto. Seriously, I have 30. Come do yoga with me!
– sit on an exercise ball while working on the computer or watching TV. Your abs will get a workout and you can continue surfing!
– Standing in line at the grocery store? Work out your calves, glutes, and strengthen your ankles by doing gentle body raises (i.e. slowly go up on your tippy-toes, then slowly bring yourself back down again). No one’s watching you, I promise. And if they are, inspire them!

There are literally a million food hacks just waiting to happen and be shared. Flipping through the pages of most health magazines (Alive, Vitality) can end in a collections of coupons to try out new services. Check out these food hacks and if you have your own tips or hacks for the rest of us, please comment and let me know!
-Emily ❤


3 thoughts on “Food Hacks!

  1. Awesome post 🙂 !!! I’ve been wanting to get an exercise ball instead of a chair at work but I’m finding it hard to find one big/tall enough to use as a chair. Any suggestions of who sells the extra big ones? xoxo

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