blue jays power smoothie


The Jays have one day’s rest before their clutch game on Wednesday to continue their playoff dreams. As you are probably aware, everyone in Toronto is really psyched right now at this prospect!! Naturally, there is only one way to fuel the crowd AND fuel these Jays with enough energy, stamina and excitement to make it through this next game:

The Blue Jays Power Smoothie.

I’ve added in 2 unique ingredients to support energy, immunity and recovery. Channel your inner sports icon while you drink this shake to get pumped for a busy day, or after a weekend warrior workout!

– 1 cup almond milk (or any nut milk)
– 1/2 cup water
– 1 scoop protein powder (this smoothie would taste better with vanilla protein – I like this whey or this vegan –  but I only had unflavoured hemp in my cupboard. Oh well!)
– 1/4 tsp vitamin C powder (Sisu brand offers around 750mg vit C for 1/4 tsp!)
– 1 scoop glutamine powder (roughly 5g glutamine dose)
– 1/2 banana, frozen
– 1/2 cup frozen blueberries

Throw all the ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth! Here’s the rational behind each ingredient:

Protein Powder – protein is used for almost every component of your body. Your hair, nails, skin, immune cells, and muscles are made out of protein. Protein keeps your tummy feeling full and provides sustained energy for stable blood sugars. Plus, athletes need protein prior to and post-work out to contribute to energy release, and to rebuild their muscles. *keep in mind your body can only absorb about 25g protein in each meal*

Vitamin C Powder – when the body is exercising, active or even psychologically stressed, immune function is put on the back burner as the body focuses on its stress response. Balance and boost your immune system with vitamin C if you anticipate a day of stress or a long workout.

DSC07719Glutamine comes as a fine white flavourless powder and can easily be added to any shake. Glutamine is an amino acid found in muscle cells, and is also the main fuel of intestinal and immune cells. It does everything! Adding in a scoop of glutamine can help with intestinal repair (great for those with celiac or intestinal injury) and keep your immune system working top notch over the fall season.

Banana and Blueberries – For those on the go, and for athletes especially, carbohydrates are the most important source of fuel and energy. Energy is stored in the body as glycogen, which gets burned as energy as the body is active. Keeping these glycogen stores high is the rational behind “carbo loading”, although this is not what we’re accomplishing here. Banana will be a quick boost of carbohydrates and sugar to get you going, and the high fibre and antioxidant content of the blueberries will sustain that energy into the morning. Plus, they’re blue for team spirit 🙂

I’m going to whirl up this tasty shake Wednesday morning in anticipation of the game and my busy day ahead. Join me! ❤


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