Friday Feature – Totally Rad Radishes

If radishes don’t usually make it onto your grocery list for the week, you might be doing yourself a big disservice. Here’s the quick low-down on the mighty radish and why YOU should pick them up!


– excellent source of sulphur, a potent liver-protecting element. Sulphur helps your body produce glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that helps the liver neutralize internal and external toxins.
– sulphur is a key component in the proteins of beautiful skin. It helps keep skin firm and elastic.
– radishes are loaded with folate, fibre, vitamin C, iron and potassium

DSC07924How to Eat
– raw (I dip mine in hummus) or chopped up into a salad
– include cooked radishes in your next meal with this easy side-dish: Sauteed Radishes by Epicurious. Use sea salt, and olive or coconut oil if you’re bypassing butter.

Can I Eat the Leaves?DSC07932
Hell yeah! Chop them up and put them in your salad, on a sandwich, or wilted into soup. Great source of folate (important for brain and nerve development).



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