Top 3 Winter Blahs and How to Overcome Them

The snow has started to fall. You put your cozy socks on, turn on the fireplace, and curl up with a nice cup of hot chocolate to enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window. Everything in your world is peaceful and content…….or is it?

Wintertime is totally beautiful, but can also throw us a few curveballs. Here are my top three winter blah moments and how to overcome them.

SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder
SAD corresponds to the onset of depressive thoughts, fatigue, and apathy during the late fall and winter, brought on by lack of sunlight. There are fewer hours of sunlight during winter days, and being in the dark plays a real role in people’s perception of life. SAD is a recognized disorder that affects many people.
What you can do:
– If you’re feeling overwhelmed by negative thoughts, make sure you get assessed by a doctor, and ask your family and friends for support.
– Exposing yourself to natural sunlight (i.e. vacation) is ideal, although not always cost effective! Light therapy is a common alternative for those dealing with mild depression.
– The sunlight provides vitamin D, which can play an important role in mood regulation. Go outside during sunlight hours and supplement with vitamin D in doses of 1000 IU daily.
– 5-HTP is a supplement you can find that increases tryptophan levels, a compound that helps create feelings of happiness in your brain.

Winter brings many holidays and occasions to over-eat. Naturally, humans are drawn to heavier warming foods in the winter to try and balance from the cold. Good news: there are tons of delicious warming foods that won’t fatten you up! I love this compilation of winter recipes from Oh She Glows blog, everything from roasted veggies to spiced pumpkin puddings. Stick with warm spices like cinnamon and clove to help bust through cravings and blood sugar highs.

Dry and chapped skin
The winter is a great time to really pamper your skin. Oily and thick skin can become brittle and flaky in the chilly temperatures. Follow these 2 tips:
1. DRINK WATER. All the time. Hydrated skin is beautiful skin, and the winter air sucks up moisture very quickly.
2. Only use organic oils or face balms during the winter. Save your creams for the summer – creams use preservatives, and you don’t need any extra barriers to moisture right now. Organic cold-pressed oils like jojoba, rosehip, borage, or sweet almond oil are all rich in vitamins to protect and moisturize your skin. Face balms are blends of oils combined with beeswax (or plant-based waxes) that provide an extra barrier against harsh winds, preventing chapping. Below are my favourites. What are YOUR favourite ways to keep your skin happy through the winter?

Face Balm by Province Apothecary
Crawford Street (Toronto) Face Balm


Argan oil or Skin Lovers Oil from New Roots

Badger Rose Beauty Balm
Skin Essence Neroli

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