Friday Feature – Vegan Protein Powders

Hey everyone! Happy Friday 🙂

I’m doing a giveaway today for some vegan protein powder sachets, woohoo!


You get a chance to try out Genuine Health’s Fermented Vegan Proteins (vanilla) along with a selection of flavours from Vega (berry, chocolate and mocha). A delightful sample pack so that you can get to know the vegan proteins out there. All you have to do is leave a comment on this page, or “Like” the giveaway post on the Facebook page. Winners will be announced on Monday Jan 25!

Why Protein Powder?
Protein is single-handedly the most important building block in your body. Your hair, nails, skin, muscles, tendons, cells, blood, enzymes, and MORE are created out of protein. So you can understand why it is important to get enough during the day. Protein powders offer a concentrated dose of protein so you can keep your energy up and your body fueled. And you don’t need tons, either – just enough to keep you lean and healthy. 20-30g protein in one serving is perfect for most people.


There are lots of protein powder options out there: whey (from cows milk), pea, pumpkin seed, egg, soy, hemp, brown rice, etc. The ones I’m featuring as a giveaway today are all blends of plant-based proteins like pea, brown rice, hemp, quinoa and spirulina.

-Emily ❤


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