Updates! and Colon Care

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Thanks for being patient with my lack of posts as I work through some busy times. I was commissioned to write some articles for magazines (yay!) and devoted myself to completing them. I finally handed those in and then dove right into an awesome business learning weekend in Toronto (#wbs16 ! Try and find the new savvy changes on the site!). Now that that’s over, I’m spending my free time enjoying the company of dear family members as we navigate through a recent health issue. Which is what my post will be dedicated to today, as this is all I am thinking about lately!

colon care, colon cancer
a plush colon from iheartguts.com ❤

Colon Health
A simple message from the wise and experienced (my 86-year-old Papa): “Get a colonoscopy”

Do not wait until it is too late. They are uncomfortable and that’s why many people procrastinate, but it can really make an immense difference in your life if something is happening and you catch it early. I think the general age to start getting checked is around 40-50 years old, and then every 5 years or so after that.

Whatchya Doin’ there, Colon?
Your colon is an incredible organ that works hard for you. It is your main organ of elimination and is a huge player in detoxifying your body. You may think it’s running smoothly, but did you know ideally it takes around 14-18 hours for food to pass from one end of our body to the other? Which means if you aren’t having a good bowel movement DAILY something is awry. It’s main job is to eliminate toxins, and if it’s not doing this job regularly then the toxins are going somewhere else….namely back into your bloodstream, out through your skin, or used as plaster in a colon-wall-redecoration known as constipation/residue/cancer cells/polyps/ulcers/inflammation etc. etc. etc.

Your colon houses tons and tons of probiotics (good bacteria) that help break down your food and create vitamins and enzymes for your well-being. It forms stool which can tell you LOADS about your health (pun intended). The shape it is in has a lot to do with nutrition, stress, and overall wellness (click here for a quick run-down) so next time you’re on the throne check it out (don’t be embarrassed, we all secretly do it).  

Take Care
The great thing is it is relatively easy to take care of! Treat it kindly with fibre (flax seeds, chia, vegetables, fruit with peels, acacia gum, hemp, whole grains….), water (2L a day), magnesium, and probiotics (fermented goodies like sauerkraut, miso and tempeh). If you need an extra push to get things going, try herbs like fennel, slippery elm, aloe, or marshmallow. colon care, colorectal careAlways go for whole foods if you can, but a combo like Fibre Smart from Renew Life is a good supplement if you need a little extra.

It does not do well with sugars (too many refined sugars, including ‘evaporated cane juice’), caffeine, laxatives (including herbal stimulants like cascara and senna) or irritating foods. This can be different for everyone but common culprits include alcohol, spicy foods, dairy, or meals heavy on fat. All you have to do is listen to your body and let it tell you which foods agree with you more than others!

Now, just because someone follows these recommendations to a T doesn’t mean nothing will ever happen to them. But I hope you will now be more aware of your colon and how much of a service it does you! It’s the end of the road for your food, but the beginning of self-awareness in relation to your health.



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