Top 3 Tips to Handle Your Migraine

A migraine is something you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. If you’re among the millions of people suffering from them (more females than males) you can be comforted that you’re not alone. But when the lights, sounds, and smells of daily life make you nauseas and your head is about to explode, where can you turn??DSC05357s

  1. Relax with Magnesium & Calcium
    Migraines can be caused by a number of things but what they all have in common is an extreme constriction and/or dilation of the blood vessels in your brain. Magnesium works to relax smooth muscles and blood vessels when they are too constricted. Calcium works in the opposite way, helping to tighten vessels that are excessively dilated. Try a combination of 1000mg magnesium and 2000mg calcium, or keep a magnesium spray in your purse/bag (I find great results from Schuessler’s Mag Phos spray – great for lady cramps and leg cramps too!).

2, Avoid these Triggersmigraine triggers
Common triggers for migraines include:
– Alcohol (especially red wine)
– Stress (brew yourself a nice cup of chamomile tea to help reduce stress and alleviate pain)
– MSG (used as a preservative and flavour-enhancer)
– Aspartame (just avoid this generally, it’s gross and sooooo bad for you)
– Chocolate
– Nitrites (in packaged and cured meats like salami, hot dogs, balogna, etc…)
– Low blood sugar (plan and eat good quality snacks every 3-4 hours to avoid blood sugar crashes. Stick to snacks that have fibre, protein, and healthy fats).

**FYI – For some people, caffeine may help a migraine by constricting blood vessels if they are too dilated.**

3. Herbs and Oils research has been done with the herbs Butterbur and Feverfew in helping to alleviate migraine headaches. Always check with a professional before starting a new herb!

Essential oils may also help. Peppermint can help alleviate pain and can be either inhaled in a diffuser, or applied topically (diluted, in a balm) to the temples and nape of neck when a headache strikes. Other essential oil scents to sniff include rosemary and ginger (great for nausea too).

Finally if you are able, stay home, climb into bed, and turn the lights out. Sensations like lights, sounds, smells and textures can accompany a migraine and irritate you to the point of stomach sickness and severe pain. Be realistic!!  “Working through” a migraine doesn’t exist………you’ll only end up aggravating your nerves and prolonging your recovery time. On an energetic level, migraines and headaches are said to be part of the 7th chakra which connects you to the world around you via nerves and intuition. Nourish this energy release by lying in the dark, sleeping, and letting your mind embrace the silence ❤



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