Let’s Meet!

I’ve been super fortunate to snag an amazing office space right downtown Toronto, working with a team of talented helpers (acupuncture, yoga, massage, energy medicine, personal training….and me!) with one goal in mind = helping you to re-vitalize, re-connect and re-discover your wellness. Ok that’s three goals.

the little tea stand in the office

But seriously, I am really pumped to start drinking tea with you and listening to what you want. If you’ve been working on something by yourself for a long time, like:
– improving energy
– clearing up skin issues
– figuring out digestive stuff like bloating, gas and heartburn
– weight management
– dealing with stttrreeeessssssss
– fertility/hormone balancing
– men’s health like prostate issues or sexual vitality
– strong bones
– shiny hair and nails
– literally anything else…even things like getting advice on which grocery/supplement brands actually work and which ones are baloney.

….and aren’t seeing the results you wish, don’t hesitate to reach out for extra advice and tools. I have them, and want to help you on your way. You know your body better than anyone ever will, but sometimes it just takes some extra info, encouragement and empowerment. Am I right? 🙂

the sunlight-filled yoga studio!

I’ll be starting to see clients in the next few weeks so if you (or anyone you know) is living in the GTA and needs a little TLC then contact me! I’ll reply back asap with details. The space is an oasis away from the hustle, and you’ll leave feeling revitalized and optimistic about your journey.

See you soon!! ❤ Emily


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