Don’t Forget to Name Drop! And Other Updates…

Hi lovelies,

I still have that e-coupon up at so if you’re looking to clean up your makeup and skin care bag this spring, or give an elegant and thoughtful birthday gift, name drop me for 15% off (promo code: ’emily’:) Men – you have skin too, this isn’t just for ladies. I’m talking about taking care of the fundamentals of skin – providing it with good fats so it stays elastic, vitamin C to promote even skin tone and reduce fine lines, SPF to help shield it from the sun, and loads of antioxidants to make it smooth and clear. It’s about respecting your skin for all it has done to protect you, and allowing it to age naturally and gracefully because of the beautiful products you put on it earlier in life… NOW!


In other news…..I have 2 cool topics I’m excited about sharing with you on the blog soon. One will be about secret ingredients, i.e. those ingredients you may notice on nutritional labels but don’t quite know what they are, and some surprising components you want to know about and stay away from. And the second is about food energies and why certain ‘diets’ work only for certain people. You’ll have to stay tuned to find out!

AND in my last piece of news, y’all already know by now that I have set up shop in a sun-filled welcoming downtown oasis in Toronto….aka pOm Health and Wellness. I have office hours every Monday and Tuesday after work. I’m the nutritionist and work alongside other talented professionals that offer yoga, massage, personal training, and acupuncture.’ve already been hard at work doing online articles for the clinic, and am setting up some talks in the next few weeks to start getting people empowered and up to date on what info is out there relating to their health. Leave me a message on here or contact me at the clinic directly ( if you wanna check it out!!

🙂 🙂 🙂


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