Labelling Secrets 101

It’s no surprise that when it comes to ingredient lists, some of it might as well be written in Greek. Between chemical  names, Latin names and regular food synonyms, the average consumer needs to be savvy and educated to have any chance of deciphering their food. Thankfully, YOU are the savvy ones because you are reading this blog and taking time to educate yourself. So let’s do this!

Today I have three secret ingredients to share with you, because you as a consumer need to know what you are buying and what’s going into your body!

Found in: supplements, soft drinks, candy, low fat foods….lots of stuff
Use: a food additive used to improve the texture of foods, i.e. as a thickener
Wary for: people who are allergic to or trying to avoid corn, as most maltodextrin is derived from corn (and sometimes wheat). It also breaks down very quickly in the body into glucose, i.e. sugar.
Found in: supplement capsules, body care products, toothpaste, bar and liquid soaps
Use: makes things slippery, acts as a solvent, lubricator, draws moisture into the skin
Wary for: vegans and eco-conscious consumers. There are 2 types of glycerin – animal fat derived or plant derived. If not specifically stated on the label as ‘vegetable glycerin’ it may have been derived from animal fat. Glycerin can also be derived from petroleum, which has human toxicity and contamination concerns.

Flavour (also colour, fragrance)
Found in: every label that has ever said “——- flavour” i.e. caramel flavour, vanilla flavour, etc.
Use: flavour, of course
Wary for: everyone, because according to this 2009 study as many as 100 substances, emulsifiers, solvents and preservatives could be found under this one heading. Same goes for “colour”, “dye” or “fragrance”. Check out these awesome rebuttals by consumers like you towards companies and their secret ingredients: Subway and azodicarbonamide, and Pepsi/Gatorade and BVO

B O N U S!!!!!!!!!!!!:

Windsor Salt
The iconic box. The happy anticipation of a perfectly salted meal. After all, Windsor salt is just salt…….right?
Ingredients: Salt (sodium chloride), calcium silicate, sugar, potassium iodine


4 ingredients…..?????????

Take your time to think about that…..Anyway I’m off to enjoy this sunny cold April day!


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