Don’t Lose Yourself on Vacation!

Hello everyone!

I just got back from a beautiful vacation in Newfoundland – filled with puffins, whales, wind, sun, and the occasional bowl of chowder…..okay, maybe more than occasional…..okay I had one almost every night…..


Anyway, being back has prompted me to share some healthy travel tips with you all. As a nutritionist, being aware of my body and the things I put into it is an important part of my core values and livelihood. AND, as a human, going on vacation is pure enjoyment. How can I make the two match? And more importantly, how can you keep true to your goals and eating patterns outside your own home and comfort zone?


My goal as a nutritionist is to be relatable, and give you realistic and effective advice. The more you can empower yourself with knowledge, the easier it will be when you find yourself in unfamiliar environments (like vacation). The point to remember is that you can totally do both (respect your body and what is needs, and have fun with food on vacay) with a little confidence, strategy, and 4 tips from me! 🙂


  1. Bring a Probiotic
    – a probiotic (healthy bacteria) capsule can really help keep your digestive system on track while on vacation. It can also help support your immune system. Many people express that vacation messes with their tummies. You don’t want to be one of the people coming home after a long vacation and saying “ahhh, toilet! I’ve missed you!”…..or the other end of the spectrum “wait, we were in Hawaii? All I saw was the inside of the bathroom stall”. Natren is a great brand, or New Roots Traveller’s Probiotic. When you get to your destination, pop it in the fridge to help maintain potency.
  2.  Get Groceries
    IMG_9086wherever you stay (Air B&B, dorm room, hotel, etc) the chances are high that there is a fridge somewhere near you. Give your wallet and body a break from eating out all the time by finding the local grocery store or farmers market, and stocking up on some healthy snacks that will suit your body’s needs. On my vacation we bought apples, pineapple, locally-grown strawberries, a non-GMO bag of popcorn (cause it’s fun) and some nuts. Maybe that sounds boring but after eating seafood for almost every meal, my body started to crave some fresh and crunchy produce!
  3.  Stay Active
    – before you travel, have a gander at where you’re staying vs. where you want to sightsee. IMG_0777Is it walkable? bikeable? If so, pack your shoes and gear and go for it! We looked at the map and after finding out that St. John’s was only 1/2 hour walk from our accommodations, we walked there and back almost every day. We rented bikes. We climbed hills in National Parks. There are just some things that you can’t experience while in a car! Not only did this enhance our vacation, but it also helped balance out the times of food and beverage indulgence….like this one 🙂IMG_0794
  4.  WATER
    – last but not least, drink water. Bring water with you, ask for water, and drink it. Check out this list by Mind Body Green on ten benefits of drinking enough water (but of course you know by now there are more than just 10, right?) 🙂

Happy travels to everyone!
❤ Emily


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