Surprising Health Trivia You Should Know!

Hi everyone,

A quick post today to bring you up to speed with some of the health world’s most interesting and unique health facts. Being in the know about the following info is sure to help you impress at the next dinner party – but more importantly, will help you on your path to vibrant long-lasting health!

Medical Contraindications

  • Image result for drug interactionscholesterol medications (known as ‘statins’) will decrease levels of Co Q10 in your body
  • keep charcoal tablets in every home in case of accidental ingestion of poison
  • Aspirin can create deficiencies in folate, B12, iron, and zinc
  • Do you turn into a different person after consuming a particular food, drink (alcohol) or drug? You may be experiencing a “cerebral allergy” which alters mood and personality as a reaction to an allergic substance.

Vitamin/Mineral Absorption

  • Image result for cup of coffeeIf you are low in iron, consider taking iron with vitamin C to improve absorption. Coffee, cocoa, and almonds contain oxalic acid which can decrease iron absorption.
  • People with underactive thyroid should always consume their cruciferous vegetables (i.e. broccoli, kale, cauliflower, asparagus…) cooked. Raw cruciferous veggies contain compounds known to interfere with iodine absorption.
  • keep bone density strong by decreasing/avoiding foods that leech calcium out of the bones, including pop, sugar, coffee, and some dairy and grains.


  • those with ragweed allergies may want to think twice before consuming chamomile tea, as both these species come from the same plant family.
  • tea tree oil should always be used topically, never internally as it may cause nerve damage. Use a different anti-bacterial if you are allergic to thyme and celery.
  • lavenderThere are three different types of lavender to watch out for when buying essential oils:
    Lavendula angustifolia – traditional and true lavender with calming and anti-bacterial properties
    Spike Lavender – higher in camphor content, so often used in chest rubs or bug repellant
    Lavandin – a cross hybrid of regular lavender and spike lavender. Much cheaper to make, not as therapeutic, but still strong lavender scent.



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