food and drink

Educate Yourself
basics of food
essential fats – Omega 3 and 6
carbohydrates and fibre
vitamins and minerals
what is gluten-free?
top 10 super-foods
the benefits of oatmeal
focus on digestion for optimal health

Dietary Lifestyles
keto and paleo diet

raw cookie dough
breakfast pumpkin pie
chocolate mousse
chia berry jam
wheat-free banana cookies
easy chocolate macaroons
quinoa, kale and saffron salad
kelp noodle pad thai
creamy hummus
mint chocolate protein shake
cranberry pecan chickpea salad
savoury roasted spaghetti squash
healing chocolate hemp pudding
warrior chocolate milk
chocolate pumpkin cupcakes with orange cinnamon frosting
food feature – pumpkin seeds
cinnamon-maple poached pears

Product Comparisons
protein powders
greens powders
natural sweeteners
bouillon cubes
soy products


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